Dates, Deadlines and Policies

Now that you have reviewed the Buckeye Link and My Buckeye Link information, you are ready for the most important part of this orientation: dates, deadlines and important policies. This section will include links that cover deadlines for paying fees, dropping courses, forfeiture fees, as well as information about student conduct, academic integrity and more. Carefully review the material in the section, as missing deadlines could result in financial penalties. After reviewing the section, please take the quiz ensure your understanding of this information. 

New: Ohio State requires all students to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Visit for more information.

Semester Structures

Autumn and Spring

Autumn and Spring semesters are composed of three components: one 14 week semester and two 7-week sessions (session 1 and session 2).

Semester or Session Classes Begin
Full Autumn Semester 2021 August 24, 2021
Autumn Session 1 August 24, 2021
Autumn Session 2 October 18, 2021
Full Spring Semester 2022 January 10, 2022
Spring Session 1 January 10, 2022
Spring Session 2 March 2, 2022


Summer term is composed of eight components: one 12 week term, two 6-week sessions, two 8-week sessions, and three 4-week sessions. For more information about Summer Term, visit Summer Term Ohio State.

Semester or Session Classes Begin
Full Summer Term 2022 May 11, 2022
8, 6 and 4-week Session 1 May 11, 2022
8 and 4-week Session 2 June 7, 2022
6-week Session 2 June 21, 2022
4-week Session 3 July 5, 2022

Deadlines for Paying Fees

The initial fee deadline is seven days prior to the beginning of the term, unless otherwise noted on the Registrar’s website. Extended Education students are subject to the same important dates and deadlines as all undergraduate students. Details on payment deadlines, penalties, fee adjustments (forfeiture fees) and refund are found on the University Registrar's site.

Tuition adjustments will be made for the following circumstances:

  • Full-time student who drops below full time credit hours (undergraduate 12 credit hours; graduate or graduate/professional 8 credit hours).
  • Part-time student who drops classes or withdraws.
  • Any student who withdraws from all classes.

Transient/Visitor Students

As a transient/visitor student, you are only permitted to attend Ohio State one term or semester per consecutive 12 months. Transient/visitor students must adhere to the admission policies and deadlines.

  • After 12 consecutive months, if you would like to return, please contact the admissions counselor well before the start of the term.
  • You will need to reapply, however, if you previously paid an application fee, you will not be required to pay another application fee.

Academic Integrity and Student Code of Conduct

The Ohio State University and the Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM) encourages each student to read and understand the university’s Code of Student Conduct, and to complete their academic and scholarly assignments with fairness and honesty.

For more information on these topics visit Student Conduct and Academic Integrity and Misconduct.


Please complete: Quiz 3 - Dates, Deadlines and Important Policies