My Buckeye Link

Here you will explore the secure My Buckeye Link. This section will cover identifying your advisor, registering for classes, course prerequisites, dropping classes, viewing tuition and fees, paying fees and important deadlines. After reviewing the section, please complete the quiz to ensure your understanding of this information.

My Buckeye Link is your student account where you can register for classes, view your class schedule, view your statement of account and pay your fees. If you qualify for financial aid, you can manage your financial aid in My Buckeye Link as well.

For guidance on how to use the features of My Buckeye Link, visit SIS My Buckeye Link Reference Guide.

To access My Buckeye Link:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the My Buckeye Link tile under Essential Tasks

Locate Your Assigned Advisor

  1. Go to
  2. Select the My Buckeye Link tile under Essential Tasks
  3. In the Advisor box, select details to view his or her contact information

Register for Classes

Before registering for classes each term, be sure to complete the Financial Responsibility Statement. The Financial Responsibility Statement is listed under the To Do List within My Buckeye Link.

Some other items to note before registering for classes:

View Your Enrollment Appointment(s)

  1. Go to
  2. Select the My Buckeye Link tile under Essential Tasks
  3. In the Enrollment Information box, select details 
  4. Under Enrollment Dates, select the correct Term then select continue to view your Enrollment  Window Registration Appointment(s)


Non-degree students do not receive transfer credit in My Buckeye Link, even if they have official transcripts on file with the university. To verify a prerequisite or submit course permission obtained from an instructor or department, students must work with an Extended Education advisor.

If you did not complete prerequisites for a particular course at Ohio State, you will need to contact an advisor through OnCourse. If you are unable to access OnCourse, call 614-292-8860 to schedule your appointment. Be prepared to provide information regarding how you meet the prerequisite(s).

If the advisor cannot determine that the prerequisite(s) have been met, the advisor will refer you to the instructor for approval. The Course Enrollment Permission Form is used for prerequisite waiver approval.


When registering for classes, you may be added to the waitlist for a particular section of a course. As a student, you are responsible for checking your position on waitlists and if you have been enrolled into courses from the waitlist. You may check your waitlist status in My Buckeye Link by selecting My Class Schedule. Note that the first Friday of the term is the last day you can be enrolled into a course from the waitlist and that in order for you to move from the waitlist into the course, no time conflicts may exist in your schedule.

Account Holds

Account holds may prevent you from registering for classes. The reasons for account holds vary. To check if you have a hold on your account, select details under the Holds heading on the right sidebar within My Buckeye Link.

To enroll in courses:

  1. Go to
  2. Select My Buckeye Link under Essential Tasks
  3. Log in with your Ohio State username and password
  4. Select Add a Class under Academics
  5. Select the appropriate semester for enrollment
  6. Enter the Class Number and select Enter
  7. Once added select Proceed to Step 2 of 3
  8. Confirm course information and select Finish Enrolling if correct
  9. Review completed course enrollment and repeat as necessary

Pay Fees

Students must pay tuition, all fees and prior term balances one week before the first day of classes (see important dates schedule). This includes the first installment of the Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP).

For specific information on tuition and fees:

  1. Go to the Registrar’s Tuition and Fee Tables
  2. Select All Other Students
  3. Select All Other Programs 

Also review the additional university fees and fee explanations.

Continuing status undergraduate non-degree seeking students are not eligible for grants, but they can be considered for up to twelve months of aid. Visit Student Financial Aid for more information about financial aid for Extended Education students.

Tuition and fees can paid using several methods. Students can permit parents, guardians, or others to make a payment to their tuition and fees. Review the payment options available at, then select the Pay Tuition icon. Note that paper statements will not be generated. The official statement from The Ohio State University is your Statement of Account which will include your assigned due date. Learn how to view your Statement of Account.

To make a payment online:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the My Buckeye Link tile under Essential Tasks
  3. Locate the Finances section
  4. Select Make a Payment, then follow the instructions

Other Valuable Features of My Buckeye Link

  • Schedule Planner – Plan your schedule before starting the process of enrolling in courses


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