Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective New Students

You must request that your testing agency send official scores electronically to The Ohio State University demonstrating the English proficiency level outlined below:

  • TOEFL: 79 or higher on the internet-based test, 550 or higher on the paper-based test
  • IELTS: 6.5 or higher 
  • ACT: 21 or higher on the English section 
  • SAT: 27 or higher on the Reading Test
  • Duolingo: 120 or higher

You are exempt from this requirement if you have completed three full years of school at a U.S. regionally accredited high school or if you are a citizen of, or have received a bachelor’s degree from: Australia, Belize, British Caribbean, British West Indies, Canada (except Quebec), England, Guyana, Ireland, Liberia, New Zealand, Scotland, the United States or Wales.

No. Official transcripts are not required for admission to the university as an undergraduate non-degree student; we do recommend that prospective students provide unofficial copies of their transcripts to aid in the advising process. If you are sending official transcripts, do not send them to Extended Education as they will not be official. If you do send official transcripts to the university, please review Sending Transcripts to Ohio State to know where to send them.

Yes. Those visiting from other colleges and universities must apply to Extended Education as a transient/visitor student. Those who choose to enter the university as a transient/visitor student must currently be enrolled at another institution and plan to transfer credits earned at Ohio State to their university or college.

Transient/visitor students are only allowed to enroll for one term per 12 consecutive months and must reapply every term they wish to return.

If you are a returning transient/visiting student, you may re-apply without an additional application fee. Please email to find out if you are eligible.

Yes. If you are interested in receiving more information about Extended Education, enrollment as a non-degree seeking student, or if you are unsure about applying, you can meet with an advisor to discuss your academic goals and pursuits. If you would like to meet with an advisor, you may email our office at or call us at 614-292-8860 to schedule an advising appointment.

If you answered Yes or No College Credit on the application question on having a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher on all previous college coursework, the Affidavit of GPA will fall off your account in 3 to 5 business days. If you answered No, please call 614-292-8860 to speak with an admission specialist.

If you decide not to register for classes for the term you were admitted, your admission will be cancelled and you will need to contact the admission specialist for further instructions. Please email or call 614-292-8860 to speak with an admission specialist.

Domestic applicants (U.S. citizens, permanent residents or political asylees) can can apply online prior to the posted application deadlines. There is a nonrefundable $60 application fee due at submission. 

International applicants should first contact an international counselor in Undergraduate Admissions at Applicants must submit a nonrefundable $70 application fee with the application.

Please review the New Applicants page to learn more about admission criteria as well as dates and deadlines.

Former Ohio State Students and Returning Students

Students returning after a long absence from the university are highly encouraged, but not required, to complete an orientation. Orientation may be completed over the phone or in-office. Please call our office at 614-292-8860 to schedule your orientation.

You should complete the Extended Education Activation Request Form and request a program change to undergraduate non-degree. You will receive an email confirming your submission. Your request should be processed within 2-3 business days.

In order to reactivate your status as an Extended Education, undergraduate non-degree student, you must complete the Extended Education Activation Request Form and request a return from leave of absence to undergraduate non-degree. You will receive an email confirming your submission. Your request should be processed within 2-3 business days.

All former Extended Education, transient/visitor students must reapply each year. Transient/visitor students can attend Ohio State for one term per 12 consecutive months. Formerly enrolled transient/visitor students who have previously paid an application fee may be elligible to reapply with no additional application fee. Please email to verify your eligibility.

Newly Admitted Students

Yes. Newly admitted students are required to complete an orientation. Orientation may be completed online or in-person. Please call our office at 614-292-8860 to schedule an in-person orientation.

The Financial Responsibility Statement outlines the terms and conditions of the financial responsibilities and obligations associated with attending Ohio State. Students must agree to the terms and conditions of the Financial Responsibility Statement each term with an electronic signature through My Buckeye Link. Students who fail to complete this statement will have a hold placed on their account and not be able to register for classes. Visit BuckeyeLink for more information.

If there is a hold on your account, it could be for many reasons. Log into your My Buckeye Link at On the sidebar to the right, the first heading should read “Holds." Select “Details” to see the specifics of your hold.

To transition from admitted status to active status, please accept your admission. Log into your Applicant Center at to complete the following:

  • Accept or decline your offer of admission by clicking the Accept / Decline link on the main page.
  • Verify/update your contact information.

Next, follow the steps for After Admission.

Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid and Student Health Insurance

Please visit the University Registrar website and select “Tuition and Fees”. Note that Extended Education students are not responsible for program fees but may be responsible for additional course and lab fees.

As an undergraduate, non-degree seeking student, you are not eligible for grants; however, under certain circumstances, you can be considered for up to 12 months of aid.

If you are planning to seek Federal Student Financial Aid assistance for your non-degree enrollment, be sure to carefully review the federal financial aid information for non-degree seekers on the Student Financial Aid website.

Contact the Student Service Center at 614-292-0300 to discuss your questions and eligibility criteria for federal aid.

Extended Education students are not generally eligible for student health insurance (international students are the exception). Extended Education students meeting certain criteria may petition for student health insurance. Students must meet with an advisor for review and signoff of their academic plan as a non-degree seeking student.

If an insurance charge is added to your account and you do not want insurance, you are advised to waive the insurance online in your My Buckeye Link using the “Select/Waive Coverage” link under the Finances section.

International students are required to purchase the Comprehensive OSU Student Health Insurance Plan. International students who wish to submit a request for exemption from coverage will need to complete an International Student Health Insurance Waiver from. Visit the Student Health Insurance website for additional information.

Contact Buckeye Link for questions about your statement of account.

You can find your tuition and fee total in your Statement of Account located on the home page, under Finances of your My Buckeye Link. Your Statement of Account will display what fees are owed and the due date.

Contact Buckeye Link for questions about your financial aid.

After the initial due date, you will be charged $200 for failure to pay. This increases to $300 for failure to pay by the second Friday of classes.

Students who have not paid tuition, all fees and prior term balances by the second Friday of classes will be dropped from all enrollments for non-payment.

Students dropped for non-payment will be assessed a $300 fee to re-enroll in addition to any incurred late fees.

Students must pay tuition, all fees, and prior term balances one week (7 calendar days) before the first day of classes. This includes the first installment of the Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP). If you enroll into a class after this date, refer to your Statement of Account for your payment due date.

Yes. Log into your My Buckeye Link and select “Account Inquiry”. Once you are at the “Account Summary” page, select “Payment Plan”.

Tuition and fees can be paid using several methods. Students can permit parents, guardians or others to make a payment to their tuition and fees. To review the payment options available, visit the Office of Business and Finance website and select the "Pay Tuition" icon. Note that paper statements will not be generated. The official statement from The Ohio State University is your Statement of Account which will include your assigned due date.

To make a payment online:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the My Buckeye Link tile under Essential Tasks
  3. Locate the Finances section
  4. Select Make a Payment, then follow the instructions

You can pay your current charges (including tuition, fees and past-due balances) online from a credit card checking or savings account through your My Buckeye Link. Please note, if you pay with a credit card, there is a 2.75% nonrefundable fee assessed with every transaction.

You may also pay your tuition and fees in person at the dropbox located inside the Student Academic Services building, or you may also mail your check or money order to:

Office of the University Bursar
The Ohio State University
PO Box 183248
Columbus, OH 43218-3248

Course Enrollment and Academic Credit

No. If you are interested in transferring to Ohio State as a degree seeking student, please apply through Undergraduate Admissions. Undergraduate non-degree seeking students may receive an unofficial transfer credit evaluation to determine course equivalencies. The unofficial results are recorded in the Degree Audit system.

Yes, any credits earned in Extended Education will count towards your undergraduate grade point average and appear on your transcript.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Enrollment and Registration under Essential Tasks
  3. Select Class Search (SIS) - Student Information Center under Tasks
  4. Select the term, campus and subject, course career and additional search criteria like keywords and mode of instruction. For mode of instruction, select distance learning.
  5. Find the courses you are interested in and check availability.

Yes, if the instructor and department permits it. You should verify with your instructor that the course can be taken for pass/non-pass grading. Also, you must notify your assigned advisor in writing via email or the Course Enrollment Permission form by the fourth Friday of the semester or second Friday of the session.

Some courses require permission from the instructor to enroll. To add these types of courses, you should complete a Course Enrollment Permission form and obtain the appropriate signatures. If you have received permission from the instructor via email, please forward the email to your Extended Education academic advisor.

You can find general registration and enrollment appointment information on the University Registrar website. Select "Registration" from the menu, then under Important Dates, select the semester preceding the semester you want to schedule for (for example for Summer 2017 or Autumn 2017 registration dates, select Spring Term 2017; for Spring 2018 registration dates, select Autumn 2017). Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see planned registration dates for the next term.

After enrollment appointments have been assigned for the upcoming registration period, you can verify the date and time you can schedule by logging into your My Buckeye Link and checking under Enrollment Appointments under Enrollment Dates. Click on “details”; if necessary, select the appropriate semester. You may schedule on or after the date and time shown under Appointment Begins.

Visit and select “Schedule of Classes” under the heading Academics.

You can find the Offering Bulletin with course descriptions on the University Registrar website. Select the Course Offerings Bulletin for the current school year.

Visit and select “Course Catalog” under the heading Academics.

Yes. You must have the instructor sign a Course Enrollment Permission form to be added to the course. Return this form to your advisor before the fourth Friday of the semester or second Friday of the session.

Note: The university employee tuition assistance program does not cover courses for audit.

You may self-enroll as long as you meet the prerequsites of the course, until the first Friday of semester or session. If you have taken the prerequisite courses at an institution other than Ohio State, please consult with your academic advisor to ensure they will apply to your course at Ohio State. You can send or show your advisor an unofficial copy of your transcript to be enrolled in courses until the first Friday of term or session.

Through the second Friday of the term or session, you will also need instructor’s permission to enter into a course. Once you have permission, your advisor will be able to register you for the course. Following the second Friday, you will need the permission from the instructor as well as the department chair and will need to petition for approval for late registration.

Undergraduate non-degree students may enroll into undergraduate level courses for which they meet the prerequisites. There are some courses that may require the instructor’s permission prior to enrolling.

Course and University Withdrawal

Dropping a class can affect your eligibility for certain types of financial aid including loans, and employee tuition benefits. A reduction in hours may affect:

  • Financial aid awards
  • Veterans Financial Aid/ GI Bill
  • Forfeiture fees for OSU employees and dependents
  • Health Insurance requirements
  • International Student Visa
  • Automobile Insurance discounts

Student Financial Aid Impact

The Student Financial Aid website has information on How to Keep Your Financial Aid Award and “What Happens to Your Financial Aid When You Drop Classes or Withdraw”. For additional information on how dropping a class or withdrawing will affect your financial aid status, please contact the Student Service Center at 614-292-0300.

Veterans Financial Aid / GI Bill Impact

To determine if and how dropping a class will affect your aid status, please contact Gina Lee in the Office of Veterans Affairs at 614-292-3453.

University Employees and Dependents

Depending on the time in the semester, you may be required to pay back tuition benefits that you received. Tuition Assistance plan policies and information are at; select “Benefits”, “Education Benefits”, then “Tuition Assistance”. Forfeiture fee information is available on the University Registrar website. Select the appropriate term under Registration & Fees at a Glance and scroll down to "Forfeiture / Refund of Fees". Your academic advisor can assist you in determining if you will be subject to forfeiture fees.

Health Insurance Impact

If you were approved for Ohio State Student Health Insurance, contact Student Health Insurance at 614-688-7979. If you are a dependent under your parent’s or guardian’s health insurance plan as a student, you should verify the impact of a drop in hours or withdrawal on your health insurance eligibility.

International Students

If you hold an international student visa, before changing your enrollment status contact and advisor in the Office of International Affairs at 614-292-6101.


Depending on the specific week of the term, you could receive a notation of a “W” (withdrew) on your transcript. If you have a significant number of W’s on your record, it may suggest a pattern of careless enrollment which could be considered in applications for graduate or professional programs.

Please call 614-292-8860 to contact an advisor in our office for further instructions.

Common Forms

The Course Enrollment Form can be found on the University Registrar website.

The Return from Leave of Absence form can be found on the Returning Students page.

Student Perks and Resources

Unfortunately, no. You can find information on how to purchase Ohio State football tickets and more Ohio State sports tickets on

Information about obtaining a parking permit can be found on the CampusParc website.

Information about obtaining a BuckID card can be found on the BuckID website.

Students, excluding Ohio State employees, taking 4 or more credit hours will be required to pay a recreation fee, giving them access to campus recreation facilities. The recreation fee is removed from faculty and staff accounts. University employees must pay the faculty and staff rates for recreation facility programs and access. Visit the Recreational Sports website for more information.